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You learn best on your own computer. Your computer is uniquely configured and generic help books can't always address your particular needs. High Country Web Design offers individualized on-site computer training classes, consulting and tech support, by appointment, throughout the Foothills region.

We offer many complete training and support packages you may select from. Or, you may wish to pick and choose various components from several of our courses to create your own personalized package. If you need training on a topic that we don't have listed here please contact us, we can probably help you with that too.

Introduction to Computers

Introduction to Computers

You have a mouse loose in your house, it is part of your computer, and it frightens you! This course is designed for beginners and gives you a basic understanding of the computer and its parts. The course is designed for those who are new to using a computer. A basic knowledge of working with a mouse is helpful, but not required.

Course Curriculum:
  • What is a computer?
  • The monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Starting the computer
  • Starting applications
  • An electronic filing cabinet
  • The desktop
  • Icons
  • Clicking and double clicking
  • Shutting the computer off... properly
  • Quick tour of all the fun things to do with your computer
  • Ask all your questions

The Internet & Email

Internet Connection The Internet
Explore the Internet Internet Explorer and Outlook Express

This course will give you a basic understanding of the Internet and experience working with email. During the course, you will receive training on browsing and searching for information on the Internet, and email applications and etiquette.

The course is designed for those who are new to using a computer yet some basic knowledge of working with the Windows environment and using the mouse is desirable. If you have some experience with the computer, or you've taken our Introduction to Computers class, you will be ready.

Course Curriculum:
  • What is the Internet?
  • Why is it important?
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Choosing an Internet service provider (a key decisions for rural households)
  • Speed of access
  • Accessing web pages
  • Overview of Internet explorer
  • Search Engines
  • Favorites and history tools
  • Shortcuts

  • What is email?
  • Sending email
  • What are attachments?
  • The To, CC and BCC fields
  • Receiving, forwarding, replying
  • Managing email
  • Safe email: virus protection

Word Processing & Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Documents
Printer Document

In this course on word processing, we will use Microsoft Word to teach you the fundamentals of word processing on your computer. This course is excellent for beginners; you will learn many basic skills that will familiarize yourself with your computer and your word processing software. Even if you already have some computer experience, you will likely pickup many tips and tricks to speed up and improve your word processing capabilities.

The training is designed for those who are new to using a computer. A basic knowledge of working within the Windows environment and using the mouse is desirable. If you have some experience with the computer or you've taken our Introduction to Computers class you will be fine. If you don't have Microsoft Word, the skills you have can be applied to a program on most computers called WordPad.

Course Curriculum:
  • Starting Word
  • Menus & toolbars
  • Creating a document
  • What is a document?
  • My Documents Folder
  • Typing tips: entering & selecting text
  • Setting up your page, margins, headers and footers.
  • Grammar & spelling
  • Changing text colors & styles
  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Overview of alignment: left, right, center and justify
  • Using the ruler, tabs and page margins.
  • Keyboard tips
  • Saving your documents, and autosave.
  • Opening documents
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Printing and page setup
  • The format painter, and invaluable tool

Computer and Internet Security

Internet Security Computer Security
Anti-Virus Network Security

Viruses, spyware, malware, spam, firewalls and computer backups are all issues that you have to concern yourself with immediately. It can be very expensive to ignore these issues (recently, a client paid $280.00 to have a preventable virus removed from an office computer).

Course Curriculum:
  • Internet connections
  • Computer viruses
  • Computer spyware
  • Computer malware
  • Email spam
  • Hardware firewalls
  • Software firewalls
  • Computer backups
  • Network security
  • Protecting a wireless Internet connection

Digital Cameras and Video Editing

Digital Camera Print Digital Photos
Digital Photos Home Videos

There are many types of digital cameras and accessories. It is not our intention to teach you all intricacies of your specific camera and the software that comes with it. Having said that, we do have enough experience to teach you the fundamentals of digital photography as it relates to your computer.

Course Curriculum:
  • Installing and using your digital camera's software
  • Moving the pictures you’ve taken from your camera to your computer
  • Managing your photos and the weird names your camera gives them
  • View the photos as a slide show on your computer
  • Basic Photo Retouching
  • Backing up your images
  • Printing your images
  • Having your images professionally printed
  • Using the Internet to process your photos
  • Creating a Internet portfolio of your photos
  • E-mailing photos

  • Installing and using your video camera's software
  • Importing your video to your computer
  • Editing video
  • Publishing videos

eBay Auctions – Selling and Buying

Digital Camera

Would you like to know more about getting started in this remarkable business? Would you rather do your own Auctions but need help to get started and need "real" hands on training? EagleAuctionsUSA will work with you on your computer or ours at your leisure to help you setup a fun and profitable EBay Auction. The fee for this service is negotiable depending on the level of training you wish to receive.

Course Curriculum:
  • How to get started using eBay
  • Company overview/history
  • Setting up an eBay account
  • Setting up a Canadian or US account and selecting a currency

  • Buying basics
  • Searching and browsing
  • Research required prior to placing bids
  • Making a bid
  • Watching an auction
  • Winning an auction

  • Selling basics
  • Pricing selections: start buy it now, using a reserve
  • Special enhanced features to highlight your sale
  • Photographing your merchandise
  • Designing eye-catching listings
  • Editing your listing
  • Choosing your shipping options
  • Choosing your payment options
  • Setting up a PayPal account: it's easier than your think
  • After the auction: payment and feedback

  • Make a profit selling on eBay
  • Getting a reliable and trustworthy reputation on eBay
  • Getting repeat customers
  • Keeping track of all your auctions
  • Selecting which auction type is right for your business
  • Easily creating an e-commerce site using eBay Stores
  • Don't get scammed by eBay and PayPal frauds